Why dont you quote prices including VAT


The printing industry is an old established industry and PosterPigeon is a mature business in this industry.  For many years our customers have been businesses who are able to reclaim VAT.  We offer services to both trade clients and the general public.  In terms of both Cash and Numbers the majority of our work is done for commercial clients - Shops, Banks, Franchises, Bars, Bands etc and so we quote our prices Net of VAT.

We are not alone and in a recent search we found every single printer in the UK quotes prices online that exclude VAT.  

In order to remain competitive we too quote prices excluding VAT which is added during checkout.  We're not trying to mislead our customers - we are simply trying to ensure that we dont lose out to the rest of the market.  

If you would like to discuss this or anything else - we would be pleased to hear from you.   as ever - your feedback is really helpful and welcome.